Tarot History and Mystery Facebook Group

My new Facebook group, Tarot History and Mystery, is focused on Tarot history, mystery and the way in which these worlds often collide.
It was just the other day on an innocuous Facebook group, and someone was going on and kind of off about the glorious deeper truth of one those "Ur" decks the plebs these days get drawn to—in this case the "Mantegna" deck.

The person going on and off called it the "Mantegna Tarot", and everyone on the innocuous group was very approving and noted how lucky Tarot was to have a mother deck like Mantegna.

I then added my little bit of commentary, very short: "It isn't really a Tarot deck of course."

It didn't take long before I was told I didn't know anything about Tarot, and that I was using a "Catholic" Tarot that was just another version, and that I was a fool for disagreeing with him. First, I hadn't really said what kind of Tarot I was using. I just pointed out the Mantegna deck did not count as a Tarot pack, chiefly because Tarot packs have a particular structure (even in the 15th century) the Mantegna cards do not have.

I tried to point this out to the Mantegna lover, but his understanding of the word "Tarot" was essentially "fortune-telling" pack. When I pointed out Tarot was invented to play card games, I was told, among other things, that I was spitting in the face of the ancients by suggesting they and their wonderful ideas would ever have anything to do with card games.

Pretty soon, the group's admin, who does go on and on about sex and sexiness, complained:

"Can we debate and be sexy at the same time?"

Well, it is a little difficult to do that when one's sex partner is a frothing-at-the-mouth looney—AKA newage Tarot expert.

Anyway, I questioned how and why learning facts about Tarot history wasn't sexy—on a Tarot group anyway—and was told Facebook was not the proper place to be arguing about it, or arguing about anything.

Anyway, I then decided to create a Tarot History and Mystery Facebook group, where arguing about it is OK. If you have an interest in arguing or reading or asking about it, join and learn.