How To Read The Celtic Cross Layout

This probably looks familiar—if you know even a little bit about Tarot reading. But another thing it looks to many people, especially beginning readers, is totally confusing. So, I wrote a detailed explanation of the Celtic Cross to try and answer most of the basic and some advanced questions.
Yes, I know, you think you know the Celtic Cross reading. How can you not? It's the most popular Tarot reading in the world. And it is probably the first reading most people learn or attempt.

But, at the same time, most people, if they are honest, have a really hard time trying to read it. There are lots of cards, lots of vague meanings to the card positions, and certainly lots of anxiety about how and whether to read that last card.

So, almost twenty years ago, I wrote a basic guideline for how to use this reading as a supplement to the alt.tarot FAQ, which I wrote and maintained for many years.

I have now updated this set of notes into a much more detailed article on how to read the Celtic Cross layout. Even if you are an experienced reader, I recommend you read it and consider what it says. I posted Waite's explanation for his "Celtic Method" as a means of comparison. His is much more concise—and weird. Mine will tell you what is going on and how to actually read the layout. Read both.


Eric Wagner said…
Thanks for sharing this. Man, I haven't done a reading with the Rider-Waite deck since the 20th century.
Glenn Wright said…
Neither has A. E. Waite.