Destiny or The Life Reading

Is this how destiny works, like being on the road to a rock-wall inevitability? Or is it softer—but also harder (in its merciless indifference to our success) than this? Is destiny a curse, or some kind of monument to something unachievable? Or is it the only real liberation in the brief cosmic opportunity of life?

Many years ago, I began to explore some ideas with Tarot reading related to what the cards could tell us about our destinies, or our purposes in life.

Many readers reject this idea, since the implications of it are, to say the least, a bit daunting. Is it really the case that a piece of cardboard, however indigenously invocatory an instrument it may be, can tell us what our purpose in living is all about?

And if this could be so, if a Tarot card can be read to truly represent a life, how can a reader do this?

The answer to this, as is the answer to the "how" of all Tarot reading, is you proceed as if it is true. Because if you proceed in any other manner, pulling back from the smell of responsibility (for telling someone why they were born on this Earth), you will botch the thing.

And to the objection one often reads in tripe-laden pop Tarot books, which warn you that fortunetelling is the lowest operation of Tarot cards, and so you should not be reading people's destinies for fear they will act in accord with what you say, I will answer that if our cards cannot give people light on the questions most basic and dear to their interests, what good are they?

I will further say that this reticence is based upon a fear—really a diffidence—concerning the reader's ability to discern anything specific at all about their querent through the reading of cards (instead of the reading of the people).

So, to this I decided to add a further complication. When what I came to call The Life Reading would be performed, I shuffled the deck of cards (Thoth of course), and then I would select the one card to represent their Life.

Again, people have objected to this. Some have demanded to know how a whole life can only be represented by one card. This is because the meanings of Tarot cards are generally learned only shallowly, and most people would be hard pressed to say how most single cards could add up to a particular life—or millions of them. I will just say that forcing your mind to wrap around the life of any single Tarot card, so that you can see many different lives symbolized and articulated in it, is part of mastering Tarot reading.

Another objection runs something like this: but what if the querent gets a bad card? And of course nobody in the carnival, mercenary, Tarot world wants to tell a paying client their whole life is aptly summed up by something like 7 of Disks, AKA "Failure". What would the implications of this be? Might the person go off and fail just because you told them this was their destiny? And wouldn't a person who would do such a thing, acting in sheepish acceptance of a cardboard critique, be demonstrating the perfect verity of that reading?

I would just say this: very few people have notable, remarkable, important lives. The people who will tell you all lives matter are either hopelessly foolish, or they are lying to you. Because it simply isn't so, and Tarot rightly depicts the many flavors of failure even more than it should promote the client-pleasing shades of success.

Yet, inside this simple but true idea, we should note that human life is a complicated thing. A "Failure" respecting some grand or holistic purpose, may yet provide a person much happiness, much accomplishment (if of a vain nature), and most especially it may serve to provide the greatest gift of all to a person—wisdom.

Better to be broken and bent to know wisdom than to successfully and felicitously remain a fool.

So, it is fair to say that The Life Reading is an invitation to courage, for the reader and the querent as well. And the courage is not based in the fear that the reading may be wrong, but the opposite, that it shall be an indictment (of a life being lived in vanity), and a clarion call to the Great Work.

What awful, weighty, obligations might come of seeing and accepting one's true purpose in life? What opportunities to ignore one's potential might be closed off forever if suddenly, irreversibly, a person would be caught up in, and righteously directed by, the fiery furnace of Destiny's engine?

If you want to find out the answer, then I do offer The Life Reading, along with other Tarot readings, at this site.

Look forward to reading for you.