New Commentary On Thelemic Ethics At "Onion-Peelings"

What does Vlad the Impaler (or Dracula) have to do with Thelema? That depends on how you take the ethical commandments of Liber AL
If you're into thinking, and not merely feeling, your way through Thelema, or if you're interested in a contemplation of what Aleister Crowley's ideas really mean—in terms of things like ethics for example—then you will want to read the newest posting at my Onion-Peelings blog, entitled "Mercy Let Be Off", A Commentary on Liber AL III, 18.

OK, not exactly the most exciting title, but it means something to people familiar with Liber AL, or the Book of the Law, which Crowley told us is the lawbook for our little part of the cosmos for the next 2000 years or so.

One of the great problems in Thelema, and with Crowley's writings in general, is that they are obscure blendings of the most arcane occultism combined with apparently straightforward appeals to savage and brutal ethics only a Nazi could readily embrace. Even Crowley was put off by the message of Liber AL, particularly infamous Chapter III.

So, if you're interested in better understanding these issues, check out my new commentary.


Eric Wagner said…
Thank you for posting this. I look forward to reading the post at Onion Peelings. I also look forward to reading your book on the Thoth tarot. Reading Catullus 2 this week, I found myself thinking about Crowley's reference to Catullus and Martial when discussing the sparrow symbolism in the Empress card.