The "Death" Of Tarot—A Study In S(P)IN

The FBI's cleaned-up copy of the "Call me God" Death card, the most famous Tarot card in history.
It was 2002, and for a few weeks, Washington D.C. was terrorized by two killers with a sniper rifle, and a Tarot calling card—DEATH!.

The MSM anointed the shooter(s) The Tarot Card Killer. And, needless to say, the Tarot industry went nuts, trying to figure out how to spin their way out of that disaster. Eventually, it came down to just plain lying, as it often does in Tarot, and in life.

This article, The "Death" of Tarot, was originally written in 2003, and includes interviews with key players, like Stuart R. Kaplan. I have also updated the material and added some more commentary for this republication on my new site.

As noted in the article, the perspective of a decade has not made our situation, respecting media performance, or the Tarot guardians, any better.

Whereas the Medians merely wanted some quotations from alleged experts and didn't care a damn about the truth, the Tarot representatives wanted a combination of deflecting criticism, and maybe the chance to spin up some new customers, AND they didn't care a damn about the truth either.

Things have only changed since 2002 in the sense they have gotten worse, and worse faster and more all the time.


Eric Wagner said…
Thanks for posting this. Your comments on the decline of tarot's popularity remind me that New Age folks I know tend to prefer Doreen Virtue's non-tarot decks to tarot decks in recent years.
Glenn Wright said…
It is misleading to say that Tarot has ever been a popular interest.

Shrinkette cartomancy is largely what the popular movement has been about. These are people blinded by vengeance (against mostly male-dominant shadows).

As I have said, that would be OK with me if only they weren't so stupid about it. Occultists deserve criticism for being a pack of creepy predators, using their presumed power to lure poor creatures to their exploitation and doom. And that's just Crowley on his good days.

But, if you are going to claim, as many women in Tarot often do, that facts and the truth are patriarchal torture devices, only used by misogynists to enslave female diversity, then one should not be surprised to find mainly idiots or freak-show fetishists attracted to that circus tent.

Tarot is in a lamentable condition at this point. But much of the credible, hopeful, world is in that condition.