Nightmare Alleys

Changes can be misleading. Not all is lost or profitably retained. Not every perspective illuminates clearly or helpfully the appropriate path. So, choices get made, and minds get belayed to solid-seeming stones. The ravens hover over these, looking for an opening, calling down wisdom, seeking the host of the dove. The serpent has its lunch, and slithers, ever thinning, into the darkness of the new day.
This blog used to be called Tarotica. It was about Tarot cards.

This blog, now renamed for a Tarot-noir book called Nightmare Alley, is also about Tarot, but I will treat that idea more generally and inclusively regarding my interests. Basically, I will post here on all topics that are not mainly political in nature (for which, see my politics page at my site and The Guillotine Blog).

Enjoy the Nightmare Alleys.

Glenn F. Wright