Bitter And Blue Pills & jk Redux

Nemo ab satietate illuminatur. "I am nothing to you but Captain Nemo, and you and your companions are nothing to me but the passengers of the Nautilus."
This will no doubt come as a bitter pill to those who thought they were done with jk, or that is with the jk style of doing Tarot, but after several years in which I wrote about my other interest, politics, and really got to understand the political process much better than before, I am now convinced that, compared to US politics, Tarot is a far less offensive study.

It is not that the people in Tarot are any wiser or smarter than the general political population. Yes, it is true that you are not likely to encounter a Tarot equivalent of the Ted Nugent goon squad of fascist gun nuts (OK, maybe some misguided Thelemites could qualify), but Tarot is hyper-noxious true-believer territory. And that makes Tarot subject and really victim to all kinds of pseudo-intellectual, and of course pseudo-psychic, scam artistry. Same as in the Tea Party and the other rancid holes of the GOP.

On the other hand, Tarot’s fundamental and traditional fakery has also led to the enrichment of Tarot cultures. Much of the occult basis upon which modern Tarot dogma rests, is after all its divinational tradition, and that tradition goes back, in some form, to the very origin of Tarot. 

The great thing about Tarot, its facts, its fables, its follies, is that so many people have cared so much about almost nothing at all.

The greater thing I have learned about politics, is that, trumping Tarot by magnitudes of arrogance and ignorance, true believerism and true folly and also true laziness are the overwhelming rules. Adherence to any reasonable policy, much less humaneness or decency in its formulation, is at best a temporary, sanctimonious posture, and not a sincere principle amongst most politicians.

And yes, I had already intuited this based upon my prior experience. But now it is unquestionably demonstrated to me beyond all hope of redemption.

The really good news about politics is that it is a doomed practice, and that in shorter rather than longer order, machines will take over the administration of the world, and the vast majority of people will deeply welcome it, as the mental and moral exhaustion of the human race is evident. 

Or, more to the point—people just want the Blue Pill—and always have.

Meanwhile, for a while, in the obscure, opaque, world of Tarot, where the Blue Pill is a given for most everyone, we few can have a discussion about the cards and their meanings (on and outside the cardboards) that will not require or suffer the intrusion of robotic administration. 

Now, there are two issues about that view I wish to raise:

1. Many critics of this alleged dicussion as it has been formulated by myself up to now will respond that by “we few”, I am talking in reference to my several chief personalities. And in fairness, having a conversation with myself has often been the most helpful interaction I have obtained in Tarot. But I trust that myself and a few readers will always be engaged at the proper measure of interest in any discussion or monologue about Tarot I conduct.

2. I no longer think that having an insightful discussion about much of anything is likely to produce any true (unlimited and unqualified) bettering of the world. I have often said at the least and most, Tarot (or really occultism in the larger sphere) should offer a chance to its students to get better or be better people than they were without it. I have heard some online grumbling regarding this view, no doubt mainly generated by ones highly committed to some form of the anti-humanist religion, scoffing that the last thing an occult pathworking needs is a bunch of divisive adjectives to justify it. And I have responded that, just because a lot of great occultists have been assholes, is no reason to mistake character defects as a desirable end of occult commissions.

On the latter point, a Thelemite might object that the value of character depends on the Aeon. But there are transcendent human considerations about that point, which are expressed in every Aeon.

The question we now face, as a species, is whether those human considerations will continue to have any merit or relevance, as we move with increasing rapadity towards machine consciousness and robotic values. 

The latter will likely express only a refined and calculated form of the fundamental, irrational, quality of being human. In the end, like plastic reproductions of some genuine article, the artificial quality may come to completely replace the archaic affections of the messy-minded primates.

Of course, this assumes the machines even decide that mimicking a defective, if useful, human condition, is worth it. Ultimately, enlightenment will be programmable and virally distributed. What will we do, and why, after wisdom becomes a commodity, or a cheaply accessible feature?


Eric Wagner said…
Welcome back. I look forward to reading your future posts.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. I come back with renewed but tempered interest.

Tarot and the occult can never absorb me in the way it used to. I got what I was looking for.

So, now I will just offer a little guidance on some things. And some laughs we hope.
Eric Wagner said…
In the 80's I read a lot of Crowley. In the 90's I read less of him, and I've read very little over the past seven years. He has definitely shaped my worldview, though, especially in the ways he influenced Robert Anton Wilson's perceptions.
Anonymous said…
I don't see how or why you would take a serious look at Tarot without Crowley. A few of us have gone a lot further than serious, until we have ripped the stones right off the edifice and destroyed the inner sanctum—as Crowley would have done too.

But the process informs, and then you can decide what to do next, about it or in light of it.

I see so many people in the occult burdening themselves more as they age in the path, and their light (in and out) dims because they are little better than mud-bound trolls.

I think the path is instead supposed to see you tossing away more and more of what used to seem vital, and as you rise, the need to do so (and especially to brag endlessly about it) wanes, as it happens as a consequence of righteousness—as that word should properly be understood as behavior right for your being and vector.