An Empty Gesture

When you get a Tarot reading, it is much more helpful to your reader, if your attention can be focused upon the green ribbon of change, rather than the golden coins leaving your pocket to occupy theirs.
How often we employ readers, that is how often those who still hope a person tossing cards can tell them something true will employ them, hoping for a different outcome.

But the truth is, the outcomes are pretty much fixed into binaries of yes or no. The reader knows this. You know this. 

Will you find someone to love you?

Will you ever find a job?

Will you be happy?

The thing is, those are not your questions. They are empty gestures, codifying in a way your despair, in such an easy fashion that the reader can focus upon something to indicate to you whether the drift of life is going to be advantageous to your leaf, or bring you to your ultimate, usually well-deserved, ruin.

Now, I write this from the grave, so I know something about ultimate outcomes, and about people getting what they deserve. So many people wished me dead over the years. I have kept their emails to publish in a long list of good tidings. And of course NOW they have gotten what they hoped for.

Still the point of this posting is not so much celebratory as procedural.

If you still want to get a Tarot reading from me, you cannot do so. Now what?

Well, as it was the case I was never exactly alive, conventionally, but only in the head of a writer, you might send a kind note imploring him to read for you. Maybe he would comply. Maybe he would curse you. Maybe, just maybe, he would take you off the beaten down path of conventional change, and point you in the useful direction of righteous potential.

So long.



I found this post interesting. I have wondered what happened to Mr. Karlin. I wonder if his guide to the Thoth tarot will ever appear. I would like to read that. - Eric Wagner
Anonymous said…
His guide will never appear.

Some guide, by someone, may appear someday.

It will make no difference in any case.

Idiots rule.

If a card falls this way or that, it will not improve their chances; or if a path is made brighter for their steps, it only aids their perpetrating more foolishness.

Keep silence, and keep the pearls out of sight.
quiet said…
Good luck to you, Glenn Wright,

You have demonstrated little about Tarot really but you have demonstrated how easy it is for people to get taken in by Internet 'personalities'.

Shadows in the ether :). I always thought you were phony or a little mad but always a troll.

The way people reacted to you showed them something about themselves.

Adieu :)
quiet said…
I should have said that at times you were actually kind as well.

All the best :)
Anonymous said…
"You have demonstrated little about Tarot really but you have demonstrated how easy it is for people to get taken in by Internet 'personalities'."

If that were all jk demonstrated about Tarot—really—it would be a significant contribution.

As for being taken in by personality, that is what people mainly do. A subject as complex and personal as Tarot illustrates Crowley's point that you cannot teach people who need to be taught.

Obviously, the Tarot industry, and its many personalities, exist to mislead people into believing otherwise, and buying into that faith.
Anonymous said…
"I should have said that at times you were actually kind as well."

Especially when I wasn't commonly so.
I wish you peace, and release from your pain. Perhaps dying to the JK personae will allow love in for your Self and the Self that is Other.
Anonymous said…
"I wish you peace, and release from your pain."

You mean death?

A common sentiment for jk. But neither he nor his maker is dead, and more than this their view of things is certainly not dead.

jk fought against people who extol idiocy and ignorance as virtues, who pride themselves on making their many marks feel good for a few minutes as they pick their pockets.

For this he was widely hated, by those whose only suffering at his hands was a well-deserved public correction of their hateful policies.

Finally, pain is proof of life. No human laughs upon being born into it. Hatred for the evil light and bitter cold is the first and truest feeling.
Imjustsaying said…
I wish I actually started with JK's teachings and point of view as a starting point in my Tarot study. It would have saved me so much time and would have given me plenty opportunities to call out the obnoxious self appointed Tarot authorities on their utter Bullshit. Shortly after I took a Robert Place class on Tarot in which I had to roll my eyes the whole time. I purchased Rhapsodies of the bizarre, which is a man's labor of love that also functions as a swift foot up the asses of every $$$ motivated "tarot opinionist"...after I read it I wish I could have just turned back time to that class and just ripped his crap peddling to shreds and walked out. Well at least the thought entertains me...and I'm sure the opportunity will come up again someday, If I can stomach going to another one of said occasions.

Thanks so much JK, Glenn whatever your name is...Your personality, spirit is what's important and I appreciate it.

Guts all the way.
Shannon Rae said…
W O W, what a post!

I googled ''man-alive, we need a tarot reader'' because I wanted to do a tarot reading for someone, anyone...and this came up first in the search. Very weird.
ccf said…
RIP jk, RIP - I had fun finding my way and our many chats...was any of it for real? I will never really know...ultimately my path didn't/doesn't include tarot and I am not any worse off for it...CF