Why We Need Dragons—And Tarot

Something terrible and brilliant and completely captivating flies in the night skies of our minds, threatening to incinerate but also maybe illuminate our lives. And that dragon is called Tarot—if you let it fly free from the constraints of pop-mob demands that everything be "safe". If you want safe, don't be born.
Somebody asked me how, as an atheist and skeptic, I could possibly bother reading Tarot cards.

My response: Because in this life, we need dragons.

Do not ask me what that means?

If you have to...you know.

But, the human need to wrap a cordon of mystery and possibility around the (silly) concrete ball of certainty is both established, and of obvious advantage to creatures so imperiled by their every next breath.

I see someone complain, rightfully, about the lack of sense in life. Oh yes, but then if there is a sense to make, it is just that idea—YOU have to make it. The gods abandoned us long ago, no doubt having far more important cosmic issues to attend to.

So, giving us our spin into conscious existence, which is really all the sense and explanation you deserve—you won the consciousness lottery after all!—the gods hear and certainly answer no prayers, and care about us only to the extent that their mission of planting the seeds of potential consciousness was done here.

NOTE (added May 29, 2018): Maybe sometimes they come by to check on how things are going. Let us hope they won't be coming by any time soon, with so many idiots in charge of the world and so many idiot-worshippers clamoring for ever more stupidity, with ever more passion, the Founders just might terminate this "wretched hive of scum and villainy" as a failed experiment.

So, what then is the role of these dragons?

Or of these in the store of images and needs pertaining to Tarot cards and their reading?

Dragons are manifestations of our deep need to be in union with—by confrontation with our utterly dangerous serpent reflection—the creative-destructive cycle we intuitively apprehend is the great current and abyss from which we sprang and to which we shall go when we dissolve.

When we read Tarot cards, similarly we are dipping our drinking-cup of consciousness into this great current, and allowing it to have an open and truthful expression. This is why true, oracular, readings are relatively rare things. The minds of the oracles have to be burned up in the dragon's fire first.

And you have to run into a dragon for that to be the case.

Now, you're probably thinking—what book do I read to learn about where to find the Tarot dragon?

Such a book cannot exist that would do you any good.

Because your dragon is not mine. And my finding cannot be yours.

This does not mean, by the way, I am advocating the no-books or anti-books approach to reading Tarot cards.

Quite the opposite in fact. When I read, I always open the book to make sure some small element or suggestion from the text has not escaped my notice or memory. Also, the reading today can raise the dragon to a different angle of illumination of the text than it would have had yesterday. Always look for the new light and angle.

I also of course accept intimations of intuition, from the enlightening flames of the dragon.

So, you are still asking, where can I find this dragon?

Well, I can give you suggestions. About mindsets. Attitudes. Liberations. Patience.

The dragon and his flames well up from within you, as a product of the truth-yearning living of your life.

And what is that?

Yeah—maybe I shall write a book about that.

But, read with the image of ruby and emerald dragon glows encircling your cards from above.

See if that does not shake a little truth out of your stabs in the dark.

As I said, I am a Tarot reader. If you would a Tarot reading from me, check this page for instructions and prices.


Rachel C. said…
I couldn't agree with you more. I have always been boggled by the number of people who feel compelled to attach some religious connotation to Tarot, be it good or evil. I've had so many clients ask me how I feel about consorting with the devil that I've even come up with a stock response.