Do YOU H8•W8?

International symbol of the Waite-Haters

H8•W8’ers include:

1. Cartofeminists—Greerist oinkers who want to cut off your tail with a carving knife.
2. Pro-Pamists—people who love Pixie Smith, whoever she was, and just want her to get the credit she is due, for stealing all that Sola-Busca artwork. Meanwhile, more jobs for China!.
3. Crowleyites—because Aleister repeatedly told them Waite sucked.
4. Average readers—whom Waite despised.
5. Coherence addicts—whom Waite despised even more.
6. Image bigots—people who think Tarot is exclusively a visual, anti-textual medium.
7. Illiterate nincompoops—all the other monolith-pawing grunters holding their PKT’s upside-down, trying to figure out if Waite insulted them in the very first paragraph referring to the “pathology of the very plain man”. Answer: yeah, he did.

Good News: If you H8•W8, there is hope! You can recover! You may even end up loving W8! OK, probably not.

But W8! I was once a Crowleyite, & a coherence addict, and I got over H8ing W8!

And so can you!

Open your wallet and your heart. Support the H8•W8 Foundation for Recovering Brow-knitters.* Help victims stop loving some silly creature named “Pixie”! Help average people find their way out of W8 and back to Tarot for the Serious Gerbil! Help image bigots LEARN TO READ A BOOK!

*—Tiny print disclaimer: The Foundation for Recovering Brow-Knitters IS NOT REAL, you twit. But if you want to send me money anyway, OK.