If Sarah Palin were into Tarot

If Sarah Palin were into Tarot, you betcha she'd be an "intuitive" reader.

Mary K. Greer explaining what "intuitive reading" is really all about: "...a wild and crazy fairy tale about the card [with] present-tense-you-statements about the querent." Mary notes "it often works quite well". That's from her book "21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card"---or jerk yourself off, whatever.

What else works well is telling people outright lies they want to believe in—like Obama is preparing "death panels" to euthanize expensive or useless drags (you know, people YOU care about) on health insurance coverage.

That doesn't even touch on the fact that lots of Americans would probably figure those panels were a good idea, especially if they were charged with evaluating the utility or wisdom of keeping around the losers at the opposing extreme of the political spectrum.

Civil war just sounds so lush. And we'll have "intuitive" unthinking largely to thank for it. Good job, Mary!