What's Really Going On?—Adjustment of Course


Adjustment! Rhythm writhes through every act.
Wild is the dance; its balance is exact.

In simple terms, the world goes out looking for an opposite, but to find it the world has to craft the thing to be opposed, and in so doing makes a duality, a light and a shadow side of something(s).

And so it is now, when you may think the random, rough-and-tumble world of finance and economic complexity has simply broken down underneath the weight of too much unregulated finagling on Wall Street, and so the vices (or virtues) of greed and materialism are meeting their comeuppance.

You might think that. You would be wrong.

The real morality play being worked out here is actually a wonderful event, a marriage of opposites in the karmic ministry of justice, as the countless evils of pretty much everybody in the world, but most especially the hypergreedy and hyperdestructive Western way of life, are getting married to (or Adjusted by) the spouse we all deserve: the witless, heartless bastards and bitches who will despoil and destroy everybody's stupid selfish American dream.

Thank the gods the laws of balance and vengeance still hold true in the Cosmos, as the vile perpetrations of Bush's America are Adjusted back to the perps to the delight of all aesthetically mindful people everywhere.

Of course the latter are going to be crushed right along with everybody else. But they shall be the ones with the wry smiles of satisfaction that the world has not really gone crazy or to hell—it had already done that years ago, i.e., done it again—and once again it is breaking down according to natural law, to its measurable moral essentials, in order to enable Adjustment to do her Dharmic work.

You've lived the Alpha, gloried in the Theta and the Nu, fucked the Pi dry, and thought yourself safe in that solid, towerfying Tau.

Well, here's another letter for you—Omega.

Stick that in your pan and smoke it.


Wild is the dance, its balance is exact.

Enjoy the dance. And the weighing of the ashes.