What Is Coming

A useful thread at Tarotica group on Facebook, entitled "What is Coming".

An idea: "There will be people coming to you, very frightened people, and you will not wish to frighten them even more, and you will wish to make them feel better."

At the same time: "But if you read cards for enough people, how is it you will only ever read happy endings?"

One poster retorts that the "placebo effect" could indicate that always spinning cheerfully and positively is better than reading "doom" indications accurately.

And that suggestion raises questions about what it is we are really doing when reading cards—interpreting symbolism (i.e., reading cards), or spreading some faith of PMA or placebos—basically handing out varying dosages of the blue pill.

As the Matrix asks us, is it really better to know the ultimate reality, the matrix in which we are podded, or is it better to only experience (and to believe to be true) the dream, the fantasy, the simulation of our hopes struggling to break free of our circumstances?

Well, part of our present crisis has been the failure of so many people's unrealistic dreams to break the rules of financial reality, though for a long time those rules were certainly treated as mere guidelines.

So also, if Tarot can tell us anything true at all about anything, it will have something to say about the doom that awaits so many optimistic grasshoppers.