Discomfort Darkness and Disputation

I saw this Facebook group, a promotion for the admin's site. The title of the group, as well as the promise made at the site is to provide customers, via the channeled readings of Angela Bear (AKA Angela Gower-Johnson), with "Comfort Clarity and Confirmation".

I reacted with natural disgust at those words, and decided to look further into the group and site.

On the group's home page we are told the meanings of these words, as Angela Bear sees them:

Comfort: Get Comfort of the knowledge that all is well.

Clarity: Get Clarity on the situations that are in your life and how to use them to propel you into the life of your dreams.

Confirmation: Get Confirmation on what you already thought, felt or pushed aside. Get Confirmation that you DO get your own answers.

And on Angela's website, she explains that people who purchase an hour of her power (which she dispenses at the rate of $275 per hour), will get some of the following:

Confidence, changes, peace, healing, happiness, energy shifting, clarity-comfort-confidence of course, advanced joy, self-empowerment, and self-awareness.

Angela claims to be possessed of the knowledge of many "tools" to achieve these ends for her clients: "Deep Tissue Massage, Crystal Therapy, Aura Soma (color therapy), [she's a] Reiki Master, the Silva Method, NLP, Shamanics behind NLP, NeuroHypnotic Repatterning, Native American Healing and Philosophy, reading and working with energy and channeling Source Energy."

In her audio downloads, Angela more explicitly describes the nature of her channeling work with clients.

“I read energy and that’s a form of channeling, and I pick up information that is around the person’s body, around the energy field, and sometimes I can see any discomfort or ailments that are in the body, but mostly the thing I see inside a person’s body is the core issue that is stopping them from feeling good or from having whatever it is that they really really want.”

As you can see here, it is important for a channeler to have spiritual sources to channel—merely making a general call to the cosmos for answers is considered too impersonal. And Angela claims not merely one spiritual source, but thirteen! And they have a name for this collective—Angela calls them Credence, which we should recall means "belief in or acceptance of something as true".

She claims it is via these beings of intelligence that she obtains information and also transmits “energy” to her clients. Of course, this puts the onus of delivering energy onto Credence, and also upon the client, who needs to be "grounded" and "open" to receiving whatever this band of clarifiers has in store. As Angela Bear says, she can’t really give anything except an opportunity. Fortunately, as the gatekeeper and frontwoman, she doesn’t have to share the $275 with Credence.

I think those who believe in this sort of thing will not care if I bring up the usual objections, not the least of which would be the lack of any scientific evidence supporting any of these claims, and the strong likelihood that Angela Bear is just another cold-reader pretending to channel spirits.

I will just say that from an occult view, Comfort Clarity and Confirmation are not the things we seek. Indeed, I would say we would be seeking the opposite: Discomfort Darkness and Disputation—in other words, dynamics that will be likely to challenge and perhaps destroy our Towers of faith.

As I have noted, this is not an object any professional channeler or fortuneteller would likely pursue, since it would tend to liberate the person from any need of their services or any other emotional crutch.

While Angela Bear seems to agree that it is important to enable and empower a client to stand on his own, she admits that the process in her view of determining his need, what she calls his core issue (or desire), is very much like peeling the endless skins off an onion.

One can refer to Chapter 14 ("Onion Peelings") of the "Book of Lies" for an insight about the irony of seeing that metaphor as suggesting any limit to the dependency of a seeker upon his peeler.

And of course should we ever get down to the core of the onion, we shall not find any issue or desire, nor anything at all.