Tarot Hope-Dope Peddlers Busted

Once again, Tarot card readers, or a couple of people pretending to be that, have gotten busted for a fraud rap, this time for promising to lift people's curses through "therapy". The fix ended up costing the cursed quite a bit of money, and finally somebody complained and now the Tarot readers are in the DuPage Country Illinois jail, probably not trying all that hard to raise the 1.5 million dollars!! in bond money to get them both released.

1.5 million dollars?!

For hope-dope peddling?

Jeez looeeze!

Now, I am not exactly a defender of people using Tarot cards to conduct frauds, but unlike the usual curse-removal scam, where the "reader" collects curse-removal money from the victim and then flees with it before the customer knows what has happened, these people were staying put and actually offering a service to their customer—you know—therapy.

Now, sure, you scoff, you figure that therapy was just part of the con, and the Chicago Sun-Times says in fact it involved charging "victims thousands of dollars for...services and products". That's a lot of money alright. And the worst part? Well, the Sun-Times says these flim-flammers provided their victims "a false sense of hope."

So, let's get this straight.

The "crime" that was committed here was first off the accused convinced people they were cursed. Naturally, that probably upset the people who were convinced of this. Then the accused offered, in return for a heavy monetary contribution, to lift the curse.

Hmm...that kind of sounds familiar you know.

Let's see...oh yeah...so God has cursed every single human being in the history of the world (now that's a nice God, huh?). That's a lot of people. And if you give the Catholics or the Protestants or maybe the Mormons or who knows who all claims to be the official house of the curse lifters, a lot of money, then you get saved. OK, technically, your faith saves you, but it seems people don't have a lot of faith that faith is enough, because they keep on giving lots of money to churches, or sometimes to one guy who runs the church, just to keep the doors open and the preachers prattling, and more marks joining the church.

And let's not even get started on the televangelists who sell what seems to be a pretty steady stream of false hope every single day of the week. But they don't get busted. They get invitations to the White House to mingle with the Fraud-in-Chief.

You know, I've watched a lot of "Law and Order", and "Boston Legal" too. I think I could get these Tarot readers acquitted.

Because, this is America, and every person has the right to throw their money away on false hope.

We don't need Big Brother or the Nanny state protecting us from the carnies. If we are so god-damned stupid that we think giving up our hard-earned cash to some bozo just because he says we're cursed is a good idea—then you know what, the bozo is right! Because if you're that dumb you're cursed with stupidity. And maybe a few thousand dollars of therapy might wise you up.

Maybe I'll start a "Free the Tans" fund.

I don't think they'll see any of the money of course, but that would be in the general spirit of the enterprise, huh?