Why Cure With One When You Can Kill With Ten?

If one word can describe, or maybe even solve, your problem, why do you need ten, or fifty?

For that matter, if one card can describe your problem, who's to say that one card cannot inspire fifty or more relevant words from a person who can read cards?

A fellow says to me the other day: jk, I got your Life Reading and was surprised to find out it is just one card. It's $30 after all, shouldn't I get more cards?

But, if your life is about something, and not a pack of things, then why not just one card? But he wasn't really looking for a specific-general answer to things. He was looking for the time of his day—he wanted to know what was going to happen next, as in right after this—he didn't really care about how all those nexts created the nexus of (t)his life.

OK, so, have you ever thought about how people in Tarot and in life so often think they are paying for, or getting, one thing, when they are in fact paying for something else? A person may think the more cards the clearer something will be. But in my experience the more cards the fuzzier things get, and you only needed them anyway because the few cards that should have worked just plain didn't. And you only needed those few in the first place because you don't have a clue. So, you're padding the cell or gilding the pig or whatever. You're trying to make it work, when it didn't. Sometimes it just isn't there. And it can't be industrialized to puke out oracles on a production schedule like soda pop or cheetos.

So, if you're buying soda-pop or cheeto readings, from the industrial purveyors, you shouldn't be surprised that it all kind of tastes the same and sounds the same, no matter who the customer is. That's part of its charm after all. No danger of something true happening, because it's aimed at generic mollification of the mass's massive neediness.

tarot.com's Big Lust With Cheese Sandwich

To be fair, the fellow complaining about the one card caught himself and pointed out it isn't the number of cards you get that establishes the value of the reading, but the quality of the interpretation, no matter how many cards. But then, he was so impressed by the brilliance of my reading, even the pre-draw comments where I offered him some sage advice based on nothing but his question, that he practically accused me of not actually drawing a card, but instead just matching a card I claimed to have drawn to his question.

So, then what's the point? He doesn't believe I actually ("randomly") picked the cards I did. He doesn't believe I actually read any cards. At the same time he doesn't think I can be sage on my own without the cards. And yet he does believe what I said was an accurate and sage reading of his situation. But he figures that was cold reading and doesn't count.

But, truth is, I'm a good reader, whatever the temperature or media. To no good purpose or count of course, so I'm not bragging. Just stating the pointless facts of being a skilled manipulator of little pieces of cardboard, and the Tarot deck. I honestly think that is about as important as being able to accurately flick boogers.

But hey, buy a booger today, dude.