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This one should be particularly interesting to those who are into the debates (intrigues, inanity) of Thoth revisioning.

Also, these are some thoughts which have come to me in the course of working on the book. I do not know if they rate the light of web, but how little would be on the web if it rated it, right? And they may as well live here.


"Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle, and quick to anger."

I am really not the subtle kind of wizard; having seldom seen subtle work. Well alright I have seen it work, but it works for subtle things, and not for popular or massive things, which cannot ever be subtle; for the subtle exhalation of the herd is a hurricane. To be heard then in that herd, you must bang its eardrums with tornadoes.

And so, a revisioning of an idea:

V is for vortex. VVVVV=I ("eye"), while vital, have vanquished the villainy of the village with a vortex. That's five V's right?

Now, five Roman V's add up to XXV, which is to say the boiling blood of the Geburan Sun hanging as a pentagram around the neck of the Hierophant; but five Hebrew V's add up to 30, and 30 is Adjustment, which replenishes Geburah with the blood of the Rosicrucian Sun. And 30 is jk.

And by this vortex are we made veracious and volatile—but not very subtle. Of course, the problem is that no matter how unsubtle is one's nature, if one insists on speaking in occultese, the words get filtered through subtilizing agents and the herd may only hear raindrops when you intended to rain down hail on their minds.

See, you have already forgotten what you just read and feel the sudden need for a ham sandwich.

Well, read the Thoth blog while you're feeding your face.