Living a Good Life

Welcome to February.

This month many things will develop. The long hibernation will end, and you will see new Taroticals. Some will take that as a threat of course, but that is their problem.

By the way, speaking of living a good life, as a person, as a nation, I think it is reasonable to say that you should be troubled with respect to how you are getting on in the world if your government considers the following some kind of progress:

"The Pentagon has formed a team of nuclear experts to analyze the fallout from a terrorist nuclear attack on American soil in an effort to identify the attackers, officials have said."

Won't we all sleep so much better knowing our ashes will yield important information guiding the Regime to getting revenge for our having been made victims in its Eternal War on the Poor?

Yippee!! What a civilization we have, that can read the Tarot cards of radioactive fallout and see in them:

"I made this—have a good day. Love, Osama."