Is Cartofeminism Feminism?

Life of Brian writes: "J. Karlin shares his view on what he believes to be the co-opting of Tarot by radical feminism in Cartofeminism."

Well, I can see how words like "Cartofeminism" might lead people to think I am attacking something like "radical" feminism. But, my critique, or review of the facts, is rather aimed at the mundane hucksterism of a group of mainly women, whose dishonesty mocks feminist goals by treating women as if they really needed a dumbed-down crutch to get through Tarot. As is noted in the following quotation from the article (originally posted at

...the very same assumptions that occultists such as Crowley and Papus and Waite had, that women are really neither interested in, nor intellectually capable of, handling the deeper aspects of Tarot occultism, has in fact been the guiding principle that has forged modern Tarot.

In other words, women, such as Mary K. Greer, who held themselves out to the public as redressers of a grievance against women, and so preached throwing out the hard "male" parts of occult Tarot, were instead affirming an anti-feminist ethos.

And, for those of you having difficulty reassessing your view of these matters, and of Greer, for example, as a "very sweet person", this is a worthwhile article to read with respect to the difficulties of confronting mind-changing facts.

We are emotionally driven towards ideas that make us feel comfortable, and that happens automatically and unconsciously. What we really have to do in cases like this is fight that process.
—Dr. Drew Westen