The Aeclectic Effect

I have noted in the past the regrettable results of what happens when one Googles Tarot. Not entirely Google's fault of course. By the way, one star of my Google exposé, Thomas Scoville wrote to express his deep appreciation for my helpful comments: "Seriously, it's people like you who ruin the creative fun on the web."

And just last week I posted a concise history of the Cartofeminist conspiracy, the truth-hating regime that, in part, enables Scoville's brand of "fun" to be what Tarot is all about to the Googling public.

As if to punctuate the POV in that piece, consider this: On this day, Google says the most significant single deck worth reporting to searchers of the term "Tarot" is: Hello Kitty Tarot.

Yep, and of course the site that proudly elevates that pack of peabrained Waite cloning to the #1 Tarot pack is, the hosts of the very nazified Tarot forum,, which helped to inspire the Cartofeminism article. While claims to be "Dedicated to the diversity & beauty of Tarot", it regularly censors diversity on, while anointing crap like Hello Kitty Tarot as worthy of critical reviews that do not readily dismiss it as denigrating dimwittery: "...a very cute deck that uses the traditional Rider-Waite tarot scenes".

Maybe if the "very cute deck" were a silly parody, instead of the star of the YAM carnivale, that review might not be so affirming of the Tarotic diminution that is taking place.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with me about the Cartofeminist conspiracy, it should bother you that the cartoculture of Tarotmania has descended to the point where, in the objective opinion of Google, Hello Kitty Tarot is its chief calling-card to the world.


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